Here is the complete cb review provided by my long term chastity boy who prefers to be anonymous. Rights have been given to me to post this essay and picture. Thank you XXX 🙂


The CB6000, and its little brother the CB6000s, are by far the most popular (by sales) and the most readily available of all male chastity devices. First introduced in 2007, the CB6000 series is the successor to the popular CB3000 cage line from the same company, A.L. Enterprises. Constructed entirely from plastics, this design’s popularity is due to its relatively low cost (about $150), almost universal size adjustment and wide distribution in local boutiques and mail order shops. These factors make it one of the best options available for those who are just “getting into” chastity. However, most men (including this author) who have been locked in the CB6000 for a week or more agree that there are better alternatives for long term confinement of the male equipment.


One of the innovations the CB6000 brought was its split ring design. The ring, or cuff as it’s sometimes called, fits around the victims cock and balls at the base of the pelvis. It comes with five differently ring sizes, from 1.5 inches to 2 inches, to accommodate most of the male populations anatomy. The cuff itself is made up of several pieces that enable it to be assembled around your equipment. This is preferable to the previous hinged ring design of the CB3000 since there is no hinge to irritate the skin or break. Additionally, the split ring doesn’t require the wearer to “squeeze through” a solid ring which some men find difficult. The split ring is closed by fitting together the sections of the appropriately sized ring and securing them in place with the provided guide pins. One note of caution here, you may want to shave “down there” before attempting to fasten the cuff together since it is very difficult to keep pubic hair out of the split ring’s closure points. Ouch! The cross section of the cuff is not round like its predecessor, but rather has a chamfered edge that holds its place better but also can chafe in long term wear.


With the cuff secured with its protruding guide pin, the cage fits over the penis and is secured to the pins with the supplied lock & key. The difference between the CB600 and CB6000s (short) is the length of the cage. The shorter version is more readily concealed under street clothing due to its reduced size. Either cage is constructed from two pieces of molded plastic welded together down the length. The seam of this weld causes irritations to some and is subject to breaking. Many users have described the unpleasant experience of having the cage split during extended wear. If the cage comes apart, the resulting sharp edges at the seams have the potential of being pressed into the penis. Double Ouch!


The cage is made of hard plastic with only a few vent holes. Thus, it prevents almost any stimulation of the males “sweet spot” making it very effective in preventing any form of pleasure until the keyholder permits. The most you will feel is an all too brief tingle as your cock moves within the cage. The hard plastic will thwart and attempted erection; a maddening sensation during the day and a somewhat painful experience while sleeping. At the penis tries to become erect, it pushes on the cage which, in turn, pulls on the cuff in a vain attempt to find room to grow. Since the cuff is locked behind the balls, they get pulled forward until there is no more room to stretch. The resulting effect is being like being awakened by someone pulling at your gonads. Groan! While standing urination is possible, getting the “holes to align” can be difficult at times lead to sitting as a safer option. The completely closed cage makes hygiene a challenge. This author found it best to complete immerse the entire cage, along with its contents, for effective cleaning.


If you are new to chastity, the CB6000(s) is a good, low cost alternative for experimentation and occasional play. However for those serious about long term wear, custom fitted stainless steel is a better option.
Affordable, readily available, fits (and constrains) most male anatomy
Possibility of chaffing, can split, proper hygiene takes extra effort

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