Mistress Erika and Bill Trainee

Bill trainee is Mistress Erika’s slave in chastity. He is sent over to me when Ms Erika is away and the three of us had a nice phone session last week discussing bill’s chastity training and a new chastity device built for comfort. I recommended the Bon4 in silicon plastic for bike riding. He is in good hands with Ms Erika known for her patience. Bill trainee is in strict cock control training and is only allowed to cum with his wife. In fact the whole point of his orgasm denial is to be a better lover for his wife. What a good boy! Now for sissy donna

The method is plastic numbered locks handled by Ms Erika.

Sissy Donna, Bill Trainee: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Sissy Donna Training

Sissy donna has been in training with me for about four years now, on and off of course. She had a round of bad health for awhile but now on the mend. Since she is a desert rat, she needs to be reminded that this is a strict program and cannot slack. I have dismissed her a few times but now she finally “gets it”. The new sentence began in the new year and the new sentence is open ended. The desert has a way of putting one in an alternate reality (Nagual). She is being trained to focus on grounded earthly things while in training mode (Tonal).

The method for sissy donna is a metal device from DH Gate with a P.A. piercing attachment. She is pierced at beginning of our trainings several years ago. She has a Lori’s device as well. We lock her keys in a lock box and I have the combination. Lockups are done on Skype. Email photos are expected weekly, and random spot checks are demanded. Assignments like the waxing salon last week are given with agreement here and there. Being a sissy takes work!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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