chastity contract

chastity contract

Hello, my locked ones! I felt it was the time we talked about commitment. Since your interest in the kink of chastity has grown over the last few months from fantasizing to reality, it’s time. Warning: you will discover that you will be very aroused by this assignment. You see, by creating a chastity contract, you will see that it strengthens our M/s bond. I can push your limits (as if I don’t already!) and have you under me.

So, here is your Assignment…

Contract of Chastity

Write up a chastity contract, in your words, that gives me full ownership of your orgasms, stroking privileges and chastity devices. The agreement will be binding. It can not be canceled with out fulfilling the canceling procedure as determined.

You must be prepared to fulfill all the instructions given to you. You will take an oath that you will allow your chastity Mistress to train you as set out in the program. The program will be customized during a session.

You will include some type of verbiage about informing your Mistress of any possible chance of escape. You will also add that you may not remove your device with out the permission of your Mistress. I think a good ending would be you are committed to long-term chastity.

So, something like Mistress will control all the forms of orgasms/or lack thereof. Mistress will keep sub informed of her goals and changes to the program, and to what he is to achieve. We both agree to no limits to the program.Full orgasms are not permitted. However, the sub may be released using milking.

Punishments may include: Butt plugged, vibrating butt plug under pants for an evening out, tied to the bed and brought to the edge but no orgasm, restrained and given 20 strokes with a riding crop, hand and ankle cuffed, on the belly, on the floor for minimum one hour.

Remember, this needs to be in your words and specific to you and I. Any questions? Good. Now get started and submit!