The Locked Dummy

I’m sure you will all love the news on my latest slut “locked dummy”  For his blog, visit LockedDummy


This boy is a captivity and bondage slut who hates chastity training. This is fine because whenever he screws up, he will be put in the chastity cage for punishment. It’s more psychological because he is a chastity cheat, using a vibrator to cum. He loves captivity and bondage, and he will get exactly that. Right now we are in the conditioning phase. He would be perfect for dungeon play, but we are phone domination, so this requires creativity and we have plenty. Right now I start with basics and will be pasting in his own words posts.

Introducing The Locked Dummy: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

In Chains

In his own words: “I’m nervous right now. Six hours blindfolded, and unable to stand. That’s a lot of power to give up for a long time. This will be the most restrictive bondage I’ve tried. Obviously, been in stricter binds, but always with someone, or with the ability to free myself at will. This time, I’m locked up for as long as Ms Cassandra says.From now until morning, my life won’t be my own. Literally. I’m actually a little scared.

I’ve been doing some research and some experiments lately. Some of these were at Ms Cassandra’s direction. Others were done out of my own curiosity.

Experimental Control Programs

Corner Time:
There is a program out there that watches your webcam and makes sure you don’t move. Basically it’s a constant electronic monitor that enforces the directive that you to remain motionless.
The Good: It works. If you move, it will be reflected in your final report. It also works in reverse. So if you position the camera, and anything moves into the field of view, the program will record the violation. So, for example, if Ms Cassandra wanted me confined to a room for a few hours, I could set up the CornerTime monitor outside the door. If the door opens, she will know. But I would otherwise be free to move around inside the room.
The Bad: The monitor’s voice is male. The program doesn’t work with many web browsers. With my browser it works, but it does not allow me to see the cam. So you kinda have to guess on where to point the lens. Also, it’s limited to 24 hours. So it wouldn’t work for a weekend prison sentence in the closet, for example

Write For Me –
I posted earlier about Fond Of Writing. Ms Cassandra had some technical difficulties with it. But there is a solution. Write For Me is a web-based tool that does the exact same thing. It forces the slave to write lines. Unfortunately it does not allow assignments to be assigned based on time. Rather tasks are given in repetitions of the line to be typed. Also, it only allows one text. FOW allowed up to 8 different texts that could cycle randomly throughout the task. It has mostly the same cruel twists as FOW. It doesn’t seem to have the reverse text feature. However, it has something called a “Chinese whisper” which seems pretty devious.”

Stay tuned!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164