Chastity Training Application

Cut and paste this application to an email:

The Application

To apply for my chastity training, you must send me an application via an email with the subject line of “Chastity Training Application.” Note that all email addresses are discreetly handled and you will not be added to any mailing list without your express permission. In this application, you are required to describing yourself, your circumstances and any special requirements you want included or hard limits for your personalized training. Additionally, you are required to answer the following questionnaire that will be kept strictly confidential. Remember both honesty and attention to detail will be evaluated so take the time to impress me!
*Name or alias (this does not have to be your real name):
*How long have you been interested in chastity:
*Current relationship status (married, committed girlfriend, dating, other):
*If in a relationship, how will you manage a chastity program?
*Any female domination or chastity websites you frequently visit:
*Number of times you orgasm with a partner per month:
*Number of times you masturbate per month:
*What is the longest you have gone without an orgasm?
*On what date was your most recent orgasm and how was it achieved?
*Are you interested in assignments such as starting a blog, crossdressing, web tasks, or other?
*If so, state preferences and how much time per week you can devote to assignments.
(assignments are not necessary in the beginning. Chastity exploration is)
*How long do you want to be in chastity?
*Strict training or moderate?
*Do you like surprises should I decide you should be in chastity for a longer or lesser time?
*Do you own a chastity device?
*If so which one?
*Do you have a webcam available for training?
*Do you have any sex toys available for use under my direction? If so list them:
*Tell me about your kinky inclinations and if you want them integrated within the chastity program.
*Chastity is a commitment on both ends. You must do a weekly phone session while in the program. Sessions may be more frequent. A weekly session is mandatory. Regular e-mails with photo and newspaper are mandatory. Do you have the time to commit to this?
Once you have carefully and completely responded with all requested information, I will personally consider your application. You are instructed not to climax by any means until I respond. You are commanded to masturbate to the edge of a climax as many times as you are able only after you have sent me this application, but absolutely no orgasm! If I conditionally accept you, my response will give you instructions in preparation for the training program interview as well as my strict ground rules for the training. Good luck boy!