chastity and the single guy

chastity and the single guy

Hello my pets! I know I have talked about chastity and the married guy, so it’s only fair to talk about chastity and the single guy. I am not sure which is easier…maybe you can tell me. I know there are pro’s and cons both ways, and as far as the married locked one, you have to hide it from your partner, unless they are practicing the kink with you. The single guy? Obviously much more freedom.

So why is he in chastity?

Its a complicated answer, and depends on the scenario. Typically he is a chronic masturbator. So this is the answer to his stroking obsession. Chastity and celibacy are not such a bad thing, trust me. It can get your focus back, instead of all that energy you used to devote to stroking.

Date Night

The biggest concern is when you have a date with a special lady and hope to end up dripping in sweat. But if you want to deter that happening, you keep the cage on. The flipside is once you take it off for sex after being cock locked for long periods of time, your stamina is not what it used to be! Long term orgasm denial will do that.

Now we have all kinds of chastity devices to choose from, but for the single guy, I like mature metal. It’s serious business and hard to tamper with. It is an investment, and in the long run, so worth it.

So if you are single and don’t think chastity can work, trust me: it can and it does!