chastity and relationships

chastity and relationships

Hello my locked ones. I have all kinds of chastity pets who are single, married, or in a relationship. These are situations beyond my control, and always a consideration. My married pets know that when wifey taps, you answer and the chastity program goes on hold. Relationships are tricky anyway, and throw in a kink like chastity, it just complicates it. So it’s important when you consider a chastity program in regards to chastity and relationships.

Talk about it

I know many of my locked ones practice chastity in secret. Sounds impossible, I know, but they do it! The fear is that if they discuss it with their wife or significant other, they will look at them differently and think they are freaks.  Which you are, but in a freaky fetish cool kind of way.

Honesty can be the best policy. When you communicate it can be the 1st step in helping your wife understand your desire for chastity. Be prepared for a ton of questions, like what is it and why are you locked in chastity.

Just tell her the truth and be calm. Before you have this conversation, make sure you know the answers to these questions! It will be chastity from the male perspective, but it will help explain your attraction to it.

I actually think it’s a positive. It promises you are not fucking around, and you are not constantly jacking off! It gives a lot of control to your partner if you can help her see that. If she’s not interested, at least you have been honest. And you still have me!