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Long term chastity? (800)-356-6169

That is a very good question, my locked cock pets! How long can you stay in chastity? you can stay in chastity FOREVER as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I would prefer that. I am all about long term chastity and have several locked cocks to prove it. But the health of your prostate is a top concern and needs to be emptied, or “milked” to keep it healthy. So if you have any doubts, you need to educate yourself and be aware of all that is involved.

What is milking?

This is when you have gone several months without an orgasm (well done, chastity pet!) but your balls are full of it. So, we enter with a tool, usually the anerous, and massage the prostate. This way you do not have to worry about remaining true in your chastity, because you won’t have an actual orgasm. It’s more like a milky discharge after some massaging. Hence the term “milking”. ¬†And you won’t have that orgasmic feeling, but you will feel a bit clearer and like it has taken the edge off, at least as much as can be for a chastity pet.

I like to do this about every 4-5 months, depending on the pet and his attitude. It is a necessary activity when you are in long term chastity. I have some pets who have been locked for years. Now, I am a chastity Mistress who allows pets out to stroke. But that is only with permission, and usually only while in session with me.

If you’re lucky…

you might even be granted the obligatory birthday or xmas orgasm. Please notice I said “might”. Just because those dates are on the calendar does not guarantee I will gift you like that! So I wouldn’t count on it, my pet. Especially when you are a chastity pet. After all , chastity training and orgasm denial go hand in hand.

Are you ready to lock your cock?