Hello my locked cocks! I am super excited today! As compared to every other day when I am just really excited. I am anxious to share with you a new chastity device one of my chastity pets found. you can check it out at:  http://www.evotionwearables.com/  I really like this one and am anxious to see how it goes for my pet. So yes, this is a chastity device recommendation.

Why do I like it?

I love the design. They say it is pinch free, so that is a plus. The simplicity to fit, and the custom fit are also huge, even if you are not. hehe. There are so many types of chastity devices that it can get overwhelming, I know. So when a caller brings me something I do pay attention.

It looks like you can use the chastity lock that comes with it or switch it out to a plastic lock. I know this is important for some of my pets who travel and go through metal detectors. Imagine the embarrassment! I can…and I may assign you to keep it on sometime, like your next trip, just to test it out. hehe

Easy cage

This looks like it is pretty easy to assemble and wear. It’s pretty open and I like that. Reminds me of mature metal, but not metal. you know, this is why I love being your chastity Mistress. Not only do you hand over (wink) your orgasm and lack thereof, but you send me information to help lock you up!

Chastity is such a unique kink and it involves not just the mind but the body. I always love a fetish that makes you think and get inside your heads. Chastity is exactly like that. It tests you and keeps you accountable. Plus makes you go deep…without penetration.