A chastity cage would have made this ordeal a little more fun…for me anyways. After all, this captivity adventure was a mere eighteen hours. It’s ok, it went by very quickly with two bags of variety beans to sort out, and several writing assignments that proved to be frustrating and tedious. There was an hour to spare before the timer lock freed the locked dummy. That didn’t make it anymore comfortable though, locked in heavy chains.

Captivity Adventure : A Day Lost: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Captivity Adventure and Frustrating Hated Tasks…Too Bad

I told him to start those beans early because I predicted the whole eighteen hours of jail time captivity adventure would be sorting different beans into their own piles. I checked on him on Skype in the morning after I had a great night’s sleep and drinking top shelf organic coffee. There he was in his jail outfit, a pink satin slut nightie. I ordered him to bring in his laptop so I could check up on him from time to time. I got really busy so I had time for only one check. He was in a big heavy duty tent sealed with a combo lock. Porn viewing was allowed but cock stroking was not. If he did everything right, three whole days would be awarded for jerking off without wearing sissy panties. Right now he must go back into training.

In His Own Words

“She assigned the first typing task shortly after I was locked in. It was the longest task I had done so far. The cruel twist was that every mistake resulted in two additional lines. This really punishes the slave prone to frustration. I would make a mistake, and then be so angry that I would try and rush through the two punishment lines to get back to where I was. But in that haste, I would make a few more mistakes. Suddenly I’ve piled up a demoralizing reversal of progress.

I made an insane number of mistakes. I started late in the evening. I must have been very very tired. 100 lines were assigned, I typed over 500 before it was over. When you finish a task, there is a message from Mistress. Imagine how crushed I was when the message informed me that I had to do that task two more times!

And while I was typing, she assigned a whole new task. I tried to do that one. I got halfway through. I had made so many mistakes, and my progress moved so far backwards I finally gave up. Defeated. I was going to start the beans. I was determined to give up sleeping in order to earn the reward. But I couldn’t. I needed sleep.

So all day long. Beans and typing. Beans and typing. Beans and typing.

I finished with one whole hour to spare. And now…MY DICK IS MINE!

Total time imprisoned – 18 hours. A new personal best.”

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