About Ms. Cassandra

I offer sessions in orgasm denial, guided masturbation, teasing with release, stroking games, circuit training, and finally the big one: enforced chastity . Refer to My blog for extra information about the chastity service I offer from chastity lite to intensive training.

I find it wise to develop a rapport with a Keyholder before you dive into the abyss, so I suggest a series of tease and denial sessions with Me as your Masturbatrix. This way we can develop a good working base for your desired incarceration and sentence. It will give you a taste for being controlled, denied, and played with like a boy toy.

I will be your Instructress, and you will be My student. My goal is to keep your interest with challenging assignments if you love assignments. Your duties will be many, and much depends on where your talents lie. Your grades will depend on you. Consider this a specialized learning program to make you more disciplined, focused, and skilled in pleasing a Woman. You will learn to trust Me as holder of your key. Demands of endless assignments are not tolerated. You must complete one perfectly before you move to the next.

My philosophy is very simple. If you control the orgasm, you control the boy. This control comes with a price as chaste males are a bit of work, sometimes needy, and require time and effort. The price will make you think twice about abandoning the program, and the program depends on what was negotiated. Some boys would rather leave this negotiated time up to Me , in that case, it’s My whim…My decision to release you or not. I’ll observe carefully to see how much you can take. The chastity program definitely separates the men from the boys.

If you are interested in Me being your Masturbatrix, I have a strict approach to cock control because strict cock control leads to chastity in any form. I like to weave strict seductive sensuality into My stroking sessions. I’m unpredictable by nature, weaving fantasy roleplaying and playfulness into the session.

I like stroking games, so get out your dice, pearls, lube, and any toys you have. I like to bring you to edge upon edge upon edge, teasing you mercilessly the whole time.

You had better tell Me up front if you want release at the end of the stroking call or you may be left high and dry. I’ll be laughing as I put down the receiver. Of course in a chastity program, there will be no release unless a date is negotiated. Better think about leaving that up to me 😉