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The Holy Trainer

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A Device To Love

Holy Trainer! Give their site a view. Ive read some good reviews on this device, and its a more comfortable choice of all the silicon based cocklocks. Actually it’s bio sourced resin which is used in electronics and aviation. This cage heats up to your body temperature and caresses you of so devilishly! This is a great cage for the sportsman who needs maximum comfort and may even protect if boy gets accidentally kicked in the balls…lol. I jest of course. Go to their website for more info. they have videos, reviews, and tips. Here is a¬†hygiene tip: Do you own a douchebag or an enema bag? or are you the douchebag….at any rate, fill the bag with soapy solution and put the tubes into the air holes, slits, holes of your device and blast away for maximum clean!

Wanted! Your Lockdown ideas

My boi donna is not on a program right now and just doing it on her own, emails are sent daily on her progress. Be sure to check my blog on her lock box ideas. Inside her lock box: 4 keys, 2 for her locked collar, and 2 for her metal chastity cage.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

be sure to maximize your pleasure with a 2 Chastity Mistress call with Ms Meredith and slots .com/cocklock/” target=”_blank”>Ms Cassandra

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