The gift of denial

the gift of denial
the gift of denial

Hello, my chastity pets. I hope you have been enjoying your holiday season, in whatever way you celebrate it. I do one way you celebrate is caged, right? Were you probably hoping for some holiday mercy and a bonus boner gift? Like an orgasm for xxx mas? I was considering it. You were tugging at my heart sleeve. After much consideration, I believe the best gift I can give you is the gift of denial.

You are welcome

Oh, the sweet humiliation with tease and denial! As your Chastity Mistress, I know it not always about the denial or even the humiliation. no. It’s the control. It’s knowing once and for all that I own your cock and determine when and IF my cock cums. I determine when and IF my cock gets unlocked. I determine how long you are denied. It’s just what you need!

I will say it again: male chastity is what you need! I know your needs almost better than you do! I know what a chronic masturbator like you needs. No, it’s not easy. It’s HARD. But you are used to that. How I control it? You’ll get used to that!

Soon you will be disciplined, thriving and well behaved. You will Thank me for your denial and training. This is why I love being a chastity Mistress! So I am sure you will agree: denial is the best gift!

One thought on “The gift of denial”

  1. my Dear Mistress Meredith,

    Very often, my blog comments are a little tongue-in-cheek to humor You. However, tonight will be different.

    I owe You the debt of gratitude for being my Chastity Mistress. You’ve taught me self-control and while I’m caged 7X24X365, You said it best in this blog. It’s Your dominant control and my submissiveness that makes this perfect! The denial after tease is a sweet reward, but the real reward is pleasing You with my submissiveness. We achieved a full year without my having an orgasm and while the orgasm You granted me was explosive and a screamer, it’s pale in comparison to pleasing You. I know You already have total control of my orgasms, I want You to know that makes me very happy!

    Your rogue pet XXOO

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