Does submission make you weak?

Does submission make you weak?
Does submission make you weak?

Have you wondered about this, my locked ones? I believe its just the opposite. I believe it takes a very strong person to be denied for any period of time. To show some restraint and discipline takes a strong person. Just because you may be a bit submissive in the bedroom,  doesn’t mean you cant be masculine, sexy, and strong outside of the bedroom and locked in everyday life. But what do you think: Does submission make you weak?

There is a difference between being sexually submissive and weak

What is funny is that I never really considered my locked ones as weak. Or even submissive. But yes, it is submissive, but I think it is the act alone that is submissive. To give up your orgasms is a powerful thing. Why do you do this? Oh, so many reasons! Too many to list here. But I believe it is personal and individual to each one of my callers. It also has to do with one important thing:


you trust me implicitly… I know this, and do not take it lightly. I will never take it for granted. It is an integral part of this equation. you are handing over a very intimate part of your self, your life, your sexuality. you have to trust me to take care of this endowment. Trust me to do what is best.

Do you need a release from work, from the stress and pressures of being in charge, being the decision maker? This is why some venture into submission and chastity. Other’s may be chronic masturbater, consumed with themselves so much that they need someone else to manage them and help focus on other things.

Submission is not weakness. Submission involves your trusting me at your most vulnerable time and place. Submission is honoring me with your mind, body and soul.