The MC011 Chastity Device By DHGate


A Chastity Pet Speaks

Yes, I know I haven’t posted forever, but here I am now. I wanted to report on a chastity device that I’m excited about, discovered by sissy donna who is a sissy chastity pet of mine. It seems the pet got a little chubby after retirement, and her Neo Steel chastity device was too tight for comfort. The key was frozen outside in a 5 gallon jug, so she needed patience to retrieve the key, as there is no microwave large enough. Hahaha. Anyways, the rest of the story is on my blog. We managed to get her unlocked and back into the mature metal, keys frozen again. She did some research and came up with the MC011.

What It Is

The device looks just like a Neo Steel, except it is fully adjustable and comes with a butt plug attachment and a catheter (ouch!). It also has 2 thigh cuffs, comes in pink, blue, and black. Since it is fully adjustable, you can get fat or slim down with no problem. It is escape proof an can only be used with a metal key. The key will have to be in your person, so since we are in the midst of a cold winter (except for California of course), a 5 gallon water jug frozen outside with keys is the perfect solution. However you like to do it. You can also choose the option of an online key holding site like chastitylocked which allows your Mistress to interact with the program. At any rate, this is a device yet to be reviewed, but it will be once it is on sissy donna. Check out this pretty device at DHgate and let me know what you think. In the meantime, consider a juicy hot orgasm denial program with Ms Meredith and I. Since our schedules are different, you will never be alone!

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Mike’s Spikes – Ouch!

Keyed, indeed!
Keyed, indeed!

Mike’s Spikes – If You Like Torture

I just stumbled upon a steel, spikey device used for ball stretching, cbt, and chastity. Check out Mike’s Spikes on the JTStockroom site. I gave it a write up on my personal blog, and this is an absolute award winner. I do not trust it as a chastity device however. Chastity cheating would be easy with this because much of the shaft would be exposed. I do love the fact that some of the spikes can be removed. Spikes come in sharp and blunted.

A Time Share Slut

Ms. Meredith and I have been sharing sissy Vanessa, and it works out just fine, as I’m more of a day girl and Ms M prefers nights. This little slut is now locked in a Pico device for as long as she can stand it. On Saturday we and 2 other Mistresses humiliated her on cam, watching her pogo on her dildo collection. Lately, Saturday mornings have been a blast.

Holy Trainer Don’t Bother

I have a captivity slave who gave a thumbs down on The Holy Trainer. It is nothing more than a glorified CB device which costs more, including shipping from Switzerland. One can slip out of the cage and chastity cheat with little effort. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this one.

Mistress Cassandra