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A Device To Love

Holy Trainer! Give their site a view. I’ve read some good reviews on this device, and it’s a more comfortable choice of all the silicon based cock locks. Actually, it is bio sourced resin which is used in electronics and aviation. This cage heats up to your body temperature and caresses you so devilishly! This is a great cage for the sportsman who needs maximum comfort and may even protect if boy gets accidentally kicked in the balls, lol. I jest, of course. Go to their website for more info. they have videos, reviews and tips. Here is a hygiene tip: Do you own a douche bag or an enema bag? Are you the douche bag? At any rate, fill the bag with soapy solution and put the tubes into the air holes, slits, holes of your device and blast away for maximum clean!

Wanted: Your Lock Down Ideas

My boi donna is not on a program right now and just doing it on her own. Emails are sent daily on her progress. Be sure to check my blog on her lock box ideas. Inside her lock box: 4 keys. Two for her locked collar, and 2 for her metal chastity cage.

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The Houdini Chastity Device

The Houdini chastity device is reviewed by fuckie fag boi, my longest chastity trained boi. Not long by any means in the cock department, but the longest trained boi. Here goes!

3rd review by fuckie : The Houdini

Popular, but basic metal cage


Unusual,  but simple design, a basic piece of plumbing tubing welded to a single cock cuff.

The cuff closes on a ratchet exactly like a one half of a pair of hand cuffs.

The cuff is locked shut with a small spindly key.


Simple design makes it easy to put on.

Not expensive.

The device looks quite good when it is on(it would look heaps better if they had used polished  stainless steel instead of a cheap metal, and then it wouldn’t have rusted! See “Security”.)



This is not an expensive device relatively speaking (about$200 from the stockroom), although it seems expensive considering its design and the materials used.


The lock is very simple, using a small delicate key, and does not allow easily use a separate padlock.


Security is not good. The lock can be picked with a twisted paperclip. I have seen some photos where a chain is run from a pa piercing and locked at the other end to a ring on the cock ring. There is also a Houdini harnesse, which one can buy, which supposedly makes the device more secure. But this adds to the complexity and the cost.

A major problem is that this device will rust if you take it into the shower. For this it is not suitable for long-term chastity programs.

The cuff part that goes around the balls can pinch. Be careful not to trap the loose skin of the ball sac skin in the teeth of the ratchet!

No ventilation slots makes this an unhygienic device in longer term programs.

Not easy to keep clean.

I found some lesions and bruising when I removed the cage.

I found the device uncomfortable to wear because, being uncut, the penis head protrudes through the end of the tube and the edge of the tube, which can be rough. Rubs on the glans. Might be ok with lots of lube and for circumcized cocks.


This review is provided for informational and recreational purposes only, no warranty is provided as to the suitability of the device for any particular use, accuracy, nor for  any opinions expressed. Purchasers of this device are advised to conduct their own research and make appropriate inquiries.

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Budget Metal Device

I thank fuckie, one of my first chastity pussy whipped bois who provided this review. We have been through a few of them. I chuckled at the part where fuckie tried to chastity cheat with no success. Long live metal!!


1. the stainless steel device
i don’t have a photo or a drawing of this one but it is widely available, try J.T. Stockroom (they call it ‘the gallant‘ but use the link to the stockroom on Mistress Cassandra’s web page) or use this search term in google chastity cage +stainless steel+ DHgate.

a cheap entry-level very solid, chrome-plated stainless steel cage with chrome-plated cock ring

very affordable, one of the cheapest metal chastity devices on the market
being made of metal it is very solid, it will not break and you cannot cut it easily like plastic cages
simple design makes it easy to put on. the design is similar in principle to the CB series. a cage which fits over the cock and a cock ring that goes around the ball sac . the cock ring is hinged and the two halves close at the top where it is locked to the cock cage with either a plastic or metal lock
smooth chrome-plated metal makes this a comfortable device to wear for longer term chastity
looks fantastic with a silver metal padlock

it’s simple design is its main failing. i found that there was a lot of ‘play’around the top of the cock ring where it closes shut and locks to the cage
one-size fits all.
only one cock ring provided but the cock ring is large enough so it will fit all but the largest of balls. not good for thimble dicks
very heavy because of the steel and chrome. you can feel it swinging while walking.
a bit bulky under clothes
beware the scanner at airports when traveling!
budget device,  probably made in china  make sure the chrome plating is perfectly smooth and not chipped or split
the design is not as good as other metal devices like neosteel which have an internal penis tube to prevent access with the cock and a metal belt which locks around the waist . pull-out is significant problem. it is not difficult to pull  the penis out through the back of the cage , or to push the balls through the cock ring. i  tried (unsuccessfully to put a thick washer under  the lock to reduce the ‘play’ around this area(this would have prevented excessive movement of the cock ring) , perhaps someone with better engineering skills would have done a better job.

health issues

ventilation slats make it good for cleaning and ensure that air circulates adequately

the device didn’t rust even after wearing it in the shower every day for 2 months
i had no problems with lesions, cuts or bruising

the cheapest metal cage you will find, around $180 from jt stockroom or cheaper if you want to try your luck with chinese shopping portals like DHGate.

Thank you fuckie!

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The CB 6000 Review From A Chastity Slave’s Experience

Here is the complete cb review provided by my long term chastity boy who prefers to be anonymous. Rights have been given to me to post this essay and picture. Thank you XXX 🙂


The CB6000, and its little brother the CB6000s, are by far the most popular (by sales) and the most readily available of all male chastity devices. First introduced in 2007, the CB6000 series is the successor to the popular CB3000 cage line from the same company, A.L. Enterprises. Constructed entirely from plastics, this design’s popularity is due to its relatively low cost (about $150), almost universal size adjustment and wide distribution in local boutiques and mail order shops. These factors make it one of the best options available for those who are just “getting into” chastity. However, most men (including this author) who have been locked in the CB6000 for a week or more agree that there are better alternatives for long term confinement of the male equipment.


One of the innovations the CB6000 brought was its split ring design. The ring, or cuff as it’s sometimes called, fits around the victims cock and balls at the base of the pelvis. It comes with five differently ring sizes, from 1.5 inches to 2 inches, to accommodate most of the male populations anatomy. The cuff itself is made up of several pieces that enable it to be assembled around your equipment. This is preferable to the previous hinged ring design of the CB3000 since there is no hinge to irritate the skin or break. Additionally, the split ring doesn’t require the wearer to “squeeze through” a solid ring which some men find difficult. The split ring is closed by fitting together the sections of the appropriately sized ring and securing them in place with the provided guide pins. One note of caution here, you may want to shave “down there” before attempting to fasten the cuff together since it is very difficult to keep pubic hair out of the split ring’s closure points. Ouch! The cross section of the cuff is not round like its predecessor, but rather has a chamfered edge that holds its place better but also can chafe in long term wear.


With the cuff secured with its protruding guide pin, the cage fits over the penis and is secured to the pins with the supplied lock & key. The difference between the CB600 and CB6000s (short) is the length of the cage. The shorter version is more readily concealed under street clothing due to its reduced size. Either cage is constructed from two pieces of molded plastic welded together down the length. The seam of this weld causes irritations to some and is subject to breaking. Many users have described the unpleasant experience of having the cage split during extended wear. If the cage comes apart, the resulting sharp edges at the seams have the potential of being pressed into the penis. Double Ouch!


The cage is made of hard plastic with only a few vent holes. Thus, it prevents almost any stimulation of the males “sweet spot” making it very effective in preventing any form of pleasure until the keyholder permits. The most you will feel is an all too brief tingle as your cock moves within the cage. The hard plastic will thwart and attempted erection; a maddening sensation during the day and a somewhat painful experience while sleeping. At the penis tries to become erect, it pushes on the cage which, in turn, pulls on the cuff in a vain attempt to find room to grow. Since the cuff is locked behind the balls, they get pulled forward until there is no more room to stretch. The resulting effect is being like being awakened by someone pulling at your gonads. Groan! While standing urination is possible, getting the “holes to align” can be difficult at times lead to sitting as a safer option. The completely closed cage makes hygiene a challenge. This author found it best to complete immerse the entire cage, along with its contents, for effective cleaning.


If you are new to chastity, the CB6000(s) is a good, low cost alternative for experimentation and occasional play. However for those serious about long term wear, custom fitted stainless steel is a better option.
Affordable, readily available, fits (and constrains) most male anatomy
Possibility of chaffing, can split, proper hygiene takes extra effort

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