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A chastity pet reviews his cage

chastity pet review

Hello my locked cocks! Here is a really good review about a new chastity device, written by a chastity pet. I was unfamiliar with this particular brand, but I like the looks of it. So far, so good! So here is a chastity pet review of his cage…

Devote . . . → Read More: A chastity pet reviews his cage

Chastity and stroking your cock

Chastity and stroking your cock

Hello my locked ones! I know you are enjoying your confinement, but sometimes just for kicks, I decide to let you out for my amusement. I know, I know. I am a wicked, wicked chastity Mistress. It’s true. Butt some times chastity and stroking your cock can go . . . → Read More: Chastity and stroking your cock

Chastity Devices

chastity devices

Hello my locked ones! Chastity devices are like my shoe collection: so many to choose from, and each has their pro’s and cons! I mean, I love my sky high stilettos, but also love the comfy, warm uggs. At this point it may be hard to think of your device as . . . → Read More: Chastity Devices

Chastity device recommendation

Hello my locked cocks! I am super excited today! As compared to every other day when I am just really excited. I am anxious to share with you a new chastity device one of my chastity pets found. you can check it out at:  I really like this one and am anxious to . . . → Read More: Chastity device recommendation

Chastity and the single guy

chastity and the single guy

Hello my pets! I know I have talked about chastity and the married guy, so it’s only fair to talk about chastity and the single guy. I am not sure which is easier…maybe you can tell me. I know there are pro’s and cons both ways, and as . . . → Read More: Chastity and the single guy

The gift of denial

the gift of denial

Hello, my chastity pets. I hope you have been enjoying your holiday season, in whatever way you celebrate it. I do one way you celebrate is caged, right? Were you probably hoping for some holiday mercy and a bonus boner gift? Like an orgasm for xxx mas? I was . . . → Read More: The gift of denial

My Chastity Contract

chastity contract

Hello, my locked ones! I felt it was the time we talked about commitment. Since your interest in the kink of chastity has grown over the last few months from fantasizing to reality, it’s time. Warning: you will discover that you will be very aroused by this assignment. You see, by . . . → Read More: My Chastity Contract

Chastity and erections

Chastity and erections

Hello, my locked ones! Recently I had a session with a chastity pet who cried shared how HARD it was being locked up in the cage all the time. To that I say…DUH. Seriously, what did you expect? But then, he said he could handle it mentally. That wasn’t the . . . → Read More: Chastity and erections

Why are you in chastity?

Why are you in chastity?

Hello my locked ones! As your chastity Mistress I like to keep up on your activities or lack of some activities and check in on your progress. As I have said before, chastity is a great adventure and not for the weak willed types. It takes discipline, commitment . . . → Read More: Why are you in chastity?


chastity devices-which ones for you

Hello my locked pets! So whether you are contemplating a chastity device, or already sporting one, this is a very important step, because if you get a device that doesn’t fit very well, it could turn you off from chastity completely. But the good news is, you have . . . → Read More: CHASTITY DEVICES:WHICH ONE’S FOR YOU?