The Houdini Chastity Device

The Houdini chastity device is reviewed by fuckie fag boi, my longest chastity trained boi. Not long by any means in the cock department, but the longest trained boi. Here goes!

3rd review by fuckie : The Houdini

Popular, but basic metal cage


Unusual,  but simple design, a basic piece of plumbing tubing welded to a single cock cuff.

The cuff closes on a ratchet exactly like a one half of a pair of hand cuffs.

The cuff is locked shut with a small spindly key.


Simple design makes it easy to put on.

Not expensive.

The device looks quite good when it is on(it would look heaps better if they had used polished  stainless steel instead of a cheap metal, and then it wouldn’t have rusted! See “Security”.)



This is not an expensive device relatively speaking (about$200 from the stockroom), although it seems expensive considering its design and the materials used.


The lock is very simple, using a small delicate key, and does not allow easily use a separate padlock.


Security is not good. The lock can be picked with a twisted paperclip. I have seen some photos where a chain is run from a pa piercing and locked at the other end to a ring on the cock ring. There is also a Houdini harnesse, which one can buy, which supposedly makes the device more secure. But this adds to the complexity and the cost.

A major problem is that this device will rust if you take it into the shower. For this it is not suitable for long-term chastity programs.

The cuff part that goes around the balls can pinch. Be careful not to trap the loose skin of the ball sac skin in the teeth of the ratchet!

No ventilation slots makes this an unhygienic device in longer term programs.

Not easy to keep clean.

I found some lesions and bruising when I removed the cage.

I found the device uncomfortable to wear because, being uncut, the penis head protrudes through the end of the tube and the edge of the tube, which can be rough. Rubs on the glans. Might be ok with lots of lube and for circumcized cocks.


This review is provided for informational and recreational purposes only, no warranty is provided as to the suitability of the device for any particular use, accuracy, nor for  any opinions expressed. Purchasers of this device are advised to conduct their own research and make appropriate inquiries.

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