A Chastity Pet Reviews His Cage

chastity pet review
chastity pet review

Hello, my locked cocks! Here is a really good review about a new chastity device, written by a chastity pet. I was unfamiliar with this particular brand, but I like the looks of it. So far, so good! So, here is a chastity pet review of his cage.

Devote Yourself to Chastity in Style

 I used to work with a woman named Chasity.  She was a stunning brunette with piercing blue eyes.  I’m sure many of my co-workers lusted after her much like I did, though I fantasized of submitting to her as she locked me into long-term chastity.  Not only was she stunning, but she was obviously dominant.  Her dominance may have been lost on my co-workers, but it wasn’t lost on me, as a true submissive. I am certain she picked up on my submissive nature, even though I was alpha in the business world.

 Fast Forward

Fast forward, and here I am locked in chastity for the past 3+ years as Mistress Meredith’s pet. This has been an amazing journey.  At Mistress’ direction, I have embarked on a new chapter with a new, stylish, 3-d printed chastity device made by Evotion Wearables in a piercing blue color .  This blue is also Mistress Meredith’s favorite color whether on a chastity cage or my balls.

 I ordered my bespoke Evotion Wearables Cage-8 device after carefully measuring myself and comparing the sizing to my Mature Metal Queens Keep.  I took the advice of the Evotion Wearable’s team to order it a little tighter to ensure that it would be inescapable; mission accomplished! Using a plastic numbered lock makes the chastity cage undetectable to metal detectors, though it can cause a pat-down at airport security after going through the body scanners.

  A Perfectly Humiliating Experience for a Chastity Pet

Since this device is inescapable, the agony associated with orgasm denial is inevitable.  Stimulation is impossible! Night-time erections are painful due to the snug fit.  I dedicate each of these night-time erections to Mistress Meredith as a sign of my acceptance, submission and devotion.

Chastity Devices

chastity devices
chastity devices

Hello my locked ones! Chastity devices are like my shoe collection: so many to choose from, and each has their pro’s and cons! I mean, I love my sky high stilettos, but also love the comfy, warm uggs. At this point it may be hard to think of your device as “comfy” but perhaps broken in?

Have you looked in to all the different kinds of chastity devices? It is important to find just the right fit, and one to fit your lifestyle. And size. Yes, size really does matter, as we all know. cb600 has a s model for short. The birdlock has a mini for your mini me. Mature metal does precise measurements, so you are fit to size.

Which one suits you?

I can help you with that, but we need a long conversation to determine which one is best. Then once we determine which one is the best fit (hehe) you will need to learn chastity care. That is another important aspect of being caged.

Hygiene is important, but its not like you can whip it out and wash. And I would hate to put temptation in your hands. The combination of warm, sudsy water and handling your cock and the next thing you know our chastity program has gone to hell and out of my hands!

Big decisions

So take your time, read the reviews and the blogs here. I am happy to help you figure it out and answer questions along the way. I think chastity is really awesome kink and this is why I am love being a chastity Mistress…I love putting you on a chastity program, coaching you and owning your orgasms. I love all aspects of it, even the frustration you go through when you think you can’t go another day. And yet…you do!

chastity device recommendation

Hello my pets. Well, it seems I have opened the door to a whole slew of chastity device recommendations. Now this is one I had never heard of either and again, from a caller. He was actually wearing it and loved it, like all you good chastity pets do! This one is called the Holy trainer and holy sh*t I like it! you can check it out here at: http://www.holytrainer.com/en/male-chastity-device.asp

Why do I like it?

One thing I like when your body heats up, it causes the device to become slightly soft…like you. But still hard, unlike you. hehe. I also like that it comes (again, unlike you eva!) in pink! This caller swears by it, so that’s always a good sign.

This is why you need a chastity phone Mistress. To educate you and keep your cock locked. And to keep you accountable and honest.

A good chastity program does all that!

I mean, if you are going to be in long term orgasm denial,  you may as well enjoy it as much as possible, right? I certainly do. Each and every day you are locked up makes me one happy locked cock Mistress!

Don’t forget to take good care of your device and yourself. That is very important when you are locked up tight. I know its also tempting to touch yourself when cleaning, but you can keep your device on as you live everyday. Just make sure to let the soap suds flow down. lol

I am happy to have such devoted pets who love this kinky lifestyle as much as I do! I have said it before, it’s not for everyone. It takes discipline. It takes a strong man to devote his orgasms to his Mistress and abide by that.

Butt that is what you are my chastity pets!

Chastity and erections

Chastity and erections
Chastity and erections

Hello, my locked ones! Recently I had a session with a chastity pet who cried shared how HARD it was being locked up in the cage all the time. To that I say…DUH. Seriously, what did you expect? But then, he said he could handle it mentally. That wasn’t the hard part he was talking about. He He. I know this is something you will just have to deal with and get used to. You will trust me. Chastity and erections are like Hillary and Trump: you they fight each other all day long

You will adjust

In more ways then one! Being locked in chastity means exactly that: your cock is locked, no matter what state it’s in, or tries to be in. It’s just the state of the union, the union of skin and steel, baby. It’s the American dream… a Chastity Mistress controlling your cock!

So your cock has a mind of it’s own, and it’s trying to rear its ugly head. No worries. Once it gets a feel for the tight squeeze afforded in his new home, he will learn to relax…don’t do it. Your chastity device will show him who’s boss when I am not around.

This is why you need to be caged

Your cock will adjust. You are in chastity. You have chosen this fetish for a reason. So acceptance is key. Ah, talking about the key…if you want me to use this key to your happiness then you need to earn it! Unless your cock is red and engorged bulging out of your cage, you don’t want out. Ah, this is why I love being a chastity Mistress!


Why are you in chastity?

Why are you in chastity?
Why are you in chastity?

Hello my locked ones! As your chastity Mistress I like to keep up on your activities or lack of some activities and check in on your progress. As I have said before, chastity is a great adventure and not for the weak willed types. It takes discipline, commitment and the ability to follow directions from your “keyholder” (we really don’t actually hold your keys, but we have better ways) to be a good chastity pet. So tell me: Why are you in chastity?

Are you a chronic masturbator?

That is one of the biggest reason my pets have for wanting to be in this fetish program. They need a quick fix and this seems to tame the savage beast. Typically, I am all about long term chastity,  so be prepared for that once we have you locked and unloaded!


you need someone (ME) to control your cock! I do admit, chastity and cock control do go hand in hand. But it’s my hand in your hand, not stroking, but snapping a nifty device on your cock, that now belongs to me.

But maybe it is something more then that? Male chastity is a deeply thought out mental kind of kink. Perhaps you feel you have prostituted yourself too much and need some kind of built in mechanism to keep you from you addictions. Or maybe you are involved a sexless marriage, so you use this to safeguard against any infidelity. Only you the know the reasons you are drawn to this confinement. I would love for you to share it with me!



chastity devices-which ones for you
chastity devices-which ones for you

Hello my locked pets! So whether you are contemplating a chastity device, or already sporting one, this is a very important step, because if you get a device that doesn’t fit very well, it could turn you off from chastity completely. But the good news is, you have all kinds of choices. We just need to determine out of all the chastity devices: which one’s for you?


I could recommend one for you, and I will. But it’s important to look them over so you can see what each one offers and how they differ. You need to know what you are getting in to! We need to select the right chastity device for you. So many choices! Now, the standard and most economical is the cb6000. They also make it in short, for those who need that.

One thing to consider is chastity care. How hygienic it the device you like and how easy to clean without access to your cock. Imagine how hot the plastic one can get.

Devices I love

I love anything from mature metal. Sleek, sexy and well designed.  Not on the cheap side and you will have to wait for your custom design. Well worth it. I also love the birdcage. Very different from the metal, it’s silicone and feels like second skin. But you should explore your options and see what appeals to you. Once you have zeroed in on one, we can set up your program catered specifically to you. I love all of these steps, working with you on this kinky fetish and getting you ready to deal with no orgasms.This is why I love being a chastity Mistress!

Mental Chastity

Mental Chastity
Mental Chastity

It’s all in your head. Both of them. Now this may not be the kind of chastity blog that is traditional, but this is not about a traditional chastity method or device. I felt it necessary to explore this option. Necessary because some of you may experience this sometime, whether you intend to or not.

Let’s face it

There are circumstances beyond our control sometimes. ( airports, medical emergencies, family vacations, etc) So being locked up in a device can prove to be challenging. I understand these situations. I also understand if you are in a relationship, and your partner taps you for some intimate time, she trumps any device, man made or other. But once you commit to a mental cage, you must be extremely disciplined.

Mind Like a Steel Trap

This may be one of the toughest forms of chastity there is. This is not for the faint of heart or those weak in the knees or other body parts. No, this takes major restraint and control. This is the kind of chastity that truly inspires and impresses me. To have this kind of discipline is amazing! It also takes trust, as far as the Mistress/chastity pet relationship is concerned. As a Mistress, I have to be able to trust you are not cheating and staying in the “No stroke zone”.  As my pet, you have to know your temptations and how to avoid them.

Talk to Me

Sometimes a man just needs a woman to talk to.  A woman who will listen to him and let him explain his side of things, his views of the world, what he REALLY thinks about everything that he would never dare to say. Personally, all of that, while at the same time not feeling harshly judged, like a pervert, like an asshole….whatever the real world might think.  I can’t speak for all men of course…but once you have established this kind of communication it will help secure the bond and bring you closer to your Mistress. Being able to talk about your chastity fetish with someone who knows it inside and out will help you and will be one of the things you will love about being my pet.

Mental Chastity

What is it? Its being non-orgasmic without a cage. I love the word “chaste” and this is how I would describe you in mental chastity.  To not touch it….except for restroom and bathing.  And you know what ‘touch it’ means.  I’ve never been a big fan of mental chastity, just because of the sheer will power involved. You are so devoted you will not touch it.  If I want you to be a chaste male, you will be a chaste male.  I know it’s so hard not to touch it. But I want you to go through the motions of complete abstinence, fully, in my honor.

Your Security Blanket

It’s gone. That cage that kept your hands off is no longer attached.  But my ownership of you is now your security blanket. It is important to me that you remain chaste and not touch it, to not have orgasms. But cage or no cage,  you are my chastity slave.  And if it’s hard on you, well, too bad. You will do it anyway for me, your Mistress.

New to chastity

new to chastity
new to chastity

Hello my locked ones, and locked ones wanna be’s! Welcome to the world of orgasmic denial, discipline and control. If you have always wanted to try out this kink, now is as good as time as any! If not now, then when? I mean, why wait? Lets set up your program and get you ready to begin. When you first get locked up, it must be with me. This is why you have a chastity Mistress! you also need to get a mindset real quick in relationship to your cock and not stroking. Since you are new to chastity, these are things you will adapt to under my tutelage.

So you need to ask yourself if you are ready

If you are really ready, we need to talk about what type of chastity device fits you best. All things considered, like…budget, comfort and even relationship status. If you are married and can only wear it during work hours, etc. If you can afford it, I love mature metal. If you need something cheaper and faster, the birdlock is good.

These are things we need to discuss. My preference is long term chastity, and that is pretty hardcore. Can you handle it?

Long Term Chastity by Misstress Meredith



Hello my pets,  my locked cocks! Some of my wanna be’s  are curious about how long they can expect to be in Chastity. I myself like the answer “forever” but I know that we need to be more realistic. But I am a chastity Mistress, and Queen of long term chastity! I will design a program just for you, and in the beginning it will seem like baby steps. The reason being, before locking you in chastity for more than a few hours, you need to be accustomed to wearing a chastity device, there needs to be a breaking in period.

Break it in

I mean, you can’t expect to put on a device for the first time and discover a perfect comfortable fit. It takes a while to adjust, both physically and mentally. Wearing it a few hours each evening when home from work is a good way to become accustomed to wearing a chastity device. As your chastity Mistress I will temper the excitement of fantasy with the necessities of reality.

When you are starting out with male chastity it’s good to have a step up program. I think telling you that you’ll be locked for 6 months is just too much and overwhelming. It makes the goal seem impossible, therefore the possibility of quitting is great. But I believe it is good to talk about other locked cocks who are doing very well after months and months of denial. It proves long term chastity is not just a myth.

How long can you go?

I have callers who have made it a year without an orgasm! Some even longer! Now, this does not mean we don’t allow milkings because that, my locked ones, is a necessity for the long term health of long term orgasm denial. So, this Mistress guides your stroking and schedules periodic milkings. This allows you to feel confident that you can remain in your cage as long as possible.

Like, you know…FOREVER


The Best In Metal Chastity


Compact And Clean

The Watchful Mistress is the fave among metal lovers lately, taking the spotlight in design for the most hygienic of all the devices. It has a durable open design for cleaning ease. It’s compact enough for the unfortunate little dick, yet accommodates a luckier larger cock with no problem comfort wise.

We Love Sexy Metal

Let’s face it, stainless steel is nice, and this device is perfect for the long distance keyholder. One problem is it does have the plastic lock discomfort annoyance. In this case, a Chonovault is a stylish vault to lock the key in.

Putting The Screws To You

Do you love pain with your chastity denial? Do you deserve it? Maybe you do. Boys who take it upon themselves to take their device off to ignore orgasm denial, often come crawling back to Mistress for punishment. This cage has spike punishment pins so you can’t pull out. Spike punishment pins should be ordered with your device just to keep you thinking if you really want to cheat.

I have had three happy boys in this device, and the top word is comfort. The smooth metal, the ease of cleaning, the ability to hide it under your clothes, has plenty of benefits.

Have What It Takes?

Call for an intense tease and denial session to see if you really have what it takes to experience chastity training.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164