Chastity and stroking your cock

Chastity and stroking your cock
Chastity and stroking your cock

Hello my locked ones! I know you are enjoying your confinement, but sometimes just for kicks, I decide to let you out for my amusement. I know, I know. I am a wicked, wicked chastity Mistress. It’s true. Butt some times chastity and stroking your cock can go together! Like, a special treat on your Birthday, or maybe a xmas gift. But those are not guarantees. And sometimes I just like to see you withering away in frustration. It is good for your chastity program to try new things. Stroking, not stroking, locked, unlocked. All good tests for a chastity pet.

Can you pass the test?

If your cock has been locked for any amount of time and I allow you out, could you stroke and be aware that you have not been granted permission to orgasm? That, after all is the first rule of thumb…hands…and fingers. It is part of my test. All good chastity training, too!

Yes, your chastity training has prepared you to endure. This is why I love being a chastity Mistress. I control your cock and have built up your endurance. you are welcome!

Many tests along the way

Yes, this is just one of many. Chastity is not easy. It’s not for the faint of heart. It takes commitment. I expect nothing less from you and in return, you have the same in me. I am a devoted chastity Mistress and will be here for you. I am here for the tests, the rewards and all the inbetweens. We won’t talk about the frustration, or the ache.

We won’t talk about missing the toe curling orgasms or the pain of your morning wood. Nothing harder then a hard one in a locked one. you know that makes me smile, right?