Lock Down

free casino games in the site..chastitymistress.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/imagesCAK1RC1S.jpg”>800-601-6975All is right in the world when that is taking place! Lock down mode is happening as we speak, somewhere, to someone, who is entering into their first chastity experience! I am very excited for you as you start this endeavor. ~kisses~

Speaking of endeavors…. welcum to our new chastity blog! Ms Cassandra and I are just making ourselves at home and getting settled. This will be home to a blog about chastity. Dedicated and solely operating on the chastity realm of things. As your chastity Mistresses, this is about you, your stories and devices and advice. Ms Cassandra and I enjoy this lifestyle so much we are happy to set you up in your own program and guide you every inch of the way!

So, feel free to comment. Join in and be a part of this no- stroke zone community! The more the merrier!


Your chastity Mistress Meredith

4 thoughts on “Lock Down”

  1. Wow, I guess there have been a lot of new devices made in the last five years. Life has kept me busy so I haven’t kept up with it all. I own the cb6000s and thought that was the best there is. I used to wear it all the time in combination with the cbX000 security belt from Locked-in-Steel to solve the infamous pull-out…not sure if that company exists anymore. But it worked! Except it was bulky under my pants…so my Wife would remove the belt while I went to work (while keeping the cb6000 on) but then have me put the belt back on when I got home… kind of a hassle but that was our system.. Anyway, sounds like I need to check out mature metal, although I have a small penis when flaccid, so my complaint has always been the extra room inside the cage. It’s nice to have when I’m erect, but for 24/7 wear it’s not necessary. The cb6000s also did a pretty good job hiding under clothes but I’m wondering if the silicone devices are better? such as bird locked or whatever? It doesn’t bother me that I can cut through it — if I did, then Mistress would find out anyway and the game is over. My top priority is hiding the bulge in my pants…can anyone make a recommendation?

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