Welcome To Our Chastity News Blog

Welcome Chastity Enthusiasts!

We are looking forward to bringing you news, reviews of devices, training programs, and all things relating to chastity training and cock control.

Please send us a welcome in the comments area and enjoy your stay as we add and upload many interesting and sexy bits of information to entice and support your chastity interests.

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35 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Chastity News Blog”

  1. Thanks for the update and I’m looking forward to learning much more about chastity with Mistress Cassandra and Mistress Meredith!

    1. mrwessypoo, welcum home! Both Ms Cassandra and I (Ms Meredith) will be more then happy to teach you all the in’s and outs about chastity. Of course, it would mainly be all about the “in” ! Looking forward to it! xxoo

  2. Hello, Mistresses. Thank You for starting the new blog. i recently started a chastity program with Mistress Meredith and look forward to checking back in often.

    1. welcum, matt! What a good pet you are to stop by and make yourself known! you can stop by and let us know all about your mature metal!

  3. Great use of the chastity mistress site. I look forward to reading this new blog and reading the latest/greatest entries from both Mistress Meredith and Mistress Cassandra.

    1. lockedone, welcum home, make yourself comfortable….but not too with that ovely device between your legs! Although you do fine with it. 7 months now? I would say more than fine!

  4. Love chastity; while in chastity, I feel more feminine and act as I want to do-more like a woman; feels wonderful. I want a Dominant Woman to keep me in chastity and lead me to be a sissy whore.

    1. welcum bobi! I agree as far as chastity makes you much more inline with your fem side and being submissive for us. Here you have two Domina’s who can keep you inline also!

  5. Congrats on the new blog. Newbie to chastity…Just ordered my new Jailbird for Mistress Cassandra to begin my training.

  6. I was thinking a great start would be some device reviews. Obviously a metal Lori’s device with a piercing is the most secure, but there are superior/inferior “starter” devices. I recently ordered a dick cage™ device, as I was very unsatisfied with my CB6k. I will let you know how it works out.

  7. As part of my chastity preparations, I am currently in a orgasm denial program with Ms Cassandra to develop some ejaculation control so I don’t cum too quickly while out of the chastity device & without permission… Balls full after a week.

    1. No, you could not, would not and should not! But even after talking to BOTH of us, you still were denied! Not just once, but twice! But we did enjoy you calling it your pee pee! lol

  8. So, my dick cage arrived earlier today. I’m wearing it right now, and while it’s better than a CBxK series, it’s hard to tell if it’s totally secure. It’s made of all soft silicon, so it’s FAR more comfortable. As far as security, the cuff is wider and holds the balls much further from the body. So, while I have tried to pull out the back, it really hurts my balls. I feel like if I were to pull hard enough to slip my penis out, I would dislocate a testicle. Given that, it is only silicon. So if I were so inclined, and very careful, I could probably cut it off. Going to try sleeping with it on tonight. That has been the deal breaker with the CB’s. Hopefully the softer material will give enough that I won’t wake up in intolerable pain.

      1. Day 2: Sleeping was relatively undisturbed last night. I’m using the 75mm tube with the 45mm ring, so no room to grow. I did get an uncomfortable morning erection, but the pressure was bearable. Eventually my morning wood went down and normal circulation returned. Showered with the device, and even with soapy water, I’m still unable to remove it. I don’t know if it has to do with my size *brag brag*, or maybe I have a close scrotum, but I can’t pull out. Speaking of balls, this device holds them away from the body a little more than the other “ball trapper” designs, which might be a boon to fans of CBT. My little fellas are held out totally defenseless. I have not noticed any chafing, but I’m thinking I should have used talc as the silicon feels like it’s glued to the bare skin. This could be while I can’t get out.

        Great to hear about the possible third Mistress! I have to admit, being locked up does tend to stir my sissy side.

  9. So..How do I get started in a program with Miss Cassandra or Miss Meredith? Sitting with my CB-6000s locked under black silky panties. Feels so feminine! Could stay like this forever….

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