Chastity and erections

Chastity and erections
Chastity and erections

Hello, my locked ones! Recently I had a session with a chastity pet who cried shared how HARD it was being locked up in the cage all the time. To that I say…DUH. Seriously, what did you expect? But then, he said he could handle it mentally. That wasn’t the hard part he was talking about. He He. I know this is something you will just have to deal with and get used to. You will trust me. Chastity and erections are like Hillary and Trump: you they fight each other all day long

You will adjust

In more ways then one! Being locked in chastity¬†means exactly that: your cock is locked, no matter what state it’s in, or tries to be in. It’s just the state of the union, the union of skin and steel, baby. It’s the American dream… a Chastity Mistress controlling your cock!

So your cock has a mind of it’s own, and it’s trying to rear its ugly head. No worries. Once it gets a feel for the tight squeeze afforded in his new home, he will learn to relax…don’t do it. Your chastity device¬†will show him who’s boss when I am not around.

This is why you need to be caged

Your cock will adjust. You are in chastity. You have chosen this fetish for a reason. So acceptance is key. Ah, talking about the key…if you want me to use this key to your happiness then you need to earn it! Unless your cock is red and engorged bulging out of your cage, you don’t want out. Ah, this is why I love being a chastity Mistress!


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  1. Once I reached the acceptance phase with total submission to Mistress Meredith, the cage became my friend and security blanket. I sleep more soundly in it and actually enjoy the tight nighttime confinement. When I awake (quite often) with an overstuffed cage, I instantly think of Mistress Meredith and the commitment made to Chasitty with Her on Her terms.

    I wouldn’t want it any other way than Her terms where my fantasy became the reality I fantasize about! Luckily, I found Mistress Meredith!!!!

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