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A chastity pet reviews his cage

chastity pet review

Hello my locked cocks! Here is a really good review about a new chastity device, written by a chastity pet. I was unfamiliar with this particular brand, but I like the looks of it. So far, so good! So here is a chastity pet review of his cage…

Devote . . . → Read More: A chastity pet reviews his cage

chastity device recommendation

Hello my pets. Well, it seems I have opened the door to a whole slew of chastity device recommendations. Now this is one I had never heard of either and again, from a caller. He was actually wearing it and loved it, like all you good chastity pets do! This one is called . . . → Read More: chastity device recommendation

Chastity and erections

Chastity and erections

Hello, my locked ones! Recently I had a session with a chastity pet who cried shared how HARD it was being locked up in the cage all the time. To that I say…DUH. Seriously, what did you expect? But then, he said he could handle it mentally. That wasn’t the . . . → Read More: Chastity and erections

Why are you in chastity?

Why are you in chastity?

Hello my locked ones! As your chastity Mistress I like to keep up on your activities or lack of some activities and check in on your progress. As I have said before, chastity is a great adventure and not for the weak willed types. It takes discipline, commitment . . . → Read More: Why are you in chastity?


chastity devices-which ones for you

Hello my locked pets! So whether you are contemplating a chastity device, or already sporting one, this is a very important step, because if you get a device that doesn’t fit very well, it could turn you off from chastity completely. But the good news is, you have . . . → Read More: CHASTITY DEVICES:WHICH ONE’S FOR YOU?

Mental Chastity

Mental Chastity

It’s all in your head. Both of them. Now this may not be the kind of chastity blog that is traditional, but this is not about a traditional chastity method or device. I felt it necessary to explore this option. Necessary because some of you may experience this sometime, whether you . . . → Read More: Mental Chastity

New to chastity

new to chastity

Hello my locked ones, and locked ones wanna be’s! Welcome to the world of orgasmic denial, discipline and control. If you have always wanted to try out this kink, now is as good as time as any! If not now, then when? I mean, why wait? Lets set up your . . . → Read More: New to chastity

Long Term Chastity by Misstress Meredith



Hello my pets,  my locked cocks! Some of my wanna be’s  are curious about how long they can expect to be in Chastity. I myself like the answer “forever” but I know that we need to be more realistic. But I am a chastity Mistress, and Queen . . . → Read More: Long Term Chastity by Misstress Meredith

The Best In Metal Chastity

Compact And Clean

The Watchful Mistress is the fave among metal lovers lately, taking the spotlight in design for the most hygienic of all the devices. It has a durable open design for cleaning ease. It’s compact enough for the unfortunate little dick, yet accommodates a luckier larger cock with no problem comfort . . . → Read More: The Best In Metal Chastity

Chastity Devices

Chastity Mistress Meredith and chastity device expert 800-356-6169

Hello my locked ones! For those of you interested in purchasing a chastity device, I want you to know that all devices are NOT created equal! I know it’s easy to get the plastic cb6000. But be prepared for a plastic shell that is really . . . → Read More: Chastity Devices