About Ms. Meredith


About Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169
About Ms. Meredith 800-356-6169

Hello my pets, and welcome! Don’t be afraid. Browse through our blogs and get to know about chastity. Educate yourself and when you are ready, we will be here. It’s exciting, really. A whole new world, new lifestyle.

Chastity excites me.  The thought of you all caged up and devoting your ability to have any orgasms is the best gift you can give me.

Why? A simple concept called the power exchange. I am in control. That always excites me. I own your most valuable prize. I dictate when and if you cum. Now you understand why I refer to my chastity Mistress partner here as “The Dictator.” Yes, that’s right. We decide when and if. “IF” should be underlined and ingrained in your subconscious soul, subbie.

So, again, Welcome to the world of chastity. you have a lot to learn! But have no fear, you are in the capable hands of two skilled Chastity Mistresses. Ms. Cassandra and I work closely together so if you need us, we are here. I enjoy locking up cocks so much!

I will train you, teach you, guide you and deny you. What could be better?

Now you see why I find it exciting. Ready?

1st you need to check out devices. Mature metal is a favorite, birdcage is another, or the cb6000.

My email is meredith@enchantrixempire.com … memorize that

skype is : enchantrix.meredith and you can go on cam for me there!

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Time to lock your cock!
Time to lock your cock!

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