Chastity and erections

Chastity and erections
Chastity and erections

Hello, my locked ones! Recently I had a session with a chastity pet who cried shared how HARD it was being locked up in the cage all the time. To that I say…DUH. Seriously, what did you expect? But then, he said he could handle it mentally. That wasn’t the hard part he was talking about. He He. I know this is something you will just have to deal with and get used to. You will trust me. Chastity and erections are like Hillary and Trump: you they fight each other all day long

You will adjust

In more ways then one! Being locked in chastity means exactly that: your cock is locked, no matter what state it’s in, or tries to be in. It’s just the state of the union, the union of skin and steel, baby. It’s the American dream… a Chastity Mistress controlling your cock!

So your cock has a mind of it’s own, and it’s trying to rear its ugly head. No worries. Once it gets a feel for the tight squeeze afforded in his new home, he will learn to relax…don’t do it. Your chastity device will show him who’s boss when I am not around.

This is why you need to be caged

Your cock will adjust. You are in chastity. You have chosen this fetish for a reason. So acceptance is key. Ah, talking about the key…if you want me to use this key to your happiness then you need to earn it! Unless your cock is red and engorged bulging out of your cage, you don’t want out. Ah, this is why I love being a chastity Mistress!


Why are you in chastity?

Why are you in chastity?
Why are you in chastity?

Hello my locked ones! As your chastity Mistress I like to keep up on your activities or lack of some activities and check in on your progress. As I have said before, chastity is a great adventure and not for the weak willed types. It takes discipline, commitment and the ability to follow directions from your “keyholder” (we really don’t actually hold your keys, but we have better ways) to be a good chastity pet. So tell me: Why are you in chastity?

Are you a chronic masturbator?

That is one of the biggest reason my pets have for wanting to be in this fetish program. They need a quick fix and this seems to tame the savage beast. Typically, I am all about long term chastity,  so be prepared for that once we have you locked and unloaded!


you need someone (ME) to control your cock! I do admit, chastity and cock control do go hand in hand. But it’s my hand in your hand, not stroking, but snapping a nifty device on your cock, that now belongs to me.

But maybe it is something more then that? Male chastity is a deeply thought out mental kind of kink. Perhaps you feel you have prostituted yourself too much and need some kind of built in mechanism to keep you from you addictions. Or maybe you are involved a sexless marriage, so you use this to safeguard against any infidelity. Only you the know the reasons you are drawn to this confinement. I would love for you to share it with me!



chastity devices-which ones for you
chastity devices-which ones for you

Hello my locked pets! So whether you are contemplating a chastity device, or already sporting one, this is a very important step, because if you get a device that doesn’t fit very well, it could turn you off from chastity completely. But the good news is, you have all kinds of choices. We just need to determine out of all the chastity devices: which one’s for you?


I could recommend one for you, and I will. But it’s important to look them over so you can see what each one offers and how they differ. You need to know what you are getting in to! We need to select the right chastity device for you. So many choices! Now, the standard and most economical is the cb6000. They also make it in short, for those who need that.

One thing to consider is chastity care. How hygienic it the device you like and how easy to clean without access to your cock. Imagine how hot the plastic one can get.

Devices I love

I love anything from mature metal. Sleek, sexy and well designed.  Not on the cheap side and you will have to wait for your custom design. Well worth it. I also love the birdcage. Very different from the metal, it’s silicone and feels like second skin. But you should explore your options and see what appeals to you. Once you have zeroed in on one, we can set up your program catered specifically to you. I love all of these steps, working with you on this kinky fetish and getting you ready to deal with no orgasms.This is why I love being a chastity Mistress!