Chastity and relationships

chastity and relationships
chastity and relationships

Hello my locked ones! you know, I have all kinds of callers from all walks of life. Chastity is a very special favorite kink of mine, and the callers who love this fetish come all kinds of different backgrounds. I have some who are married, some with significant others and some on their own. I have some pets locked in metal, plastic, or silicone. It’s all uniquely tailored to fit your needs. But what about chastity and relationships?

That’s a hard one

Doh! OK, Homer, reel it in. Actually, can you imagine Homer locked up in chastity? That just made me smile. But this is about you, and a relationship while I have locked your penis away. How does that work? For some, very well. For others…it’s a challenge. It all depends on the circumstances.

If you are married and you are practicing chastity in secret, this can be a real challenge. I mean, if she ever snuggles up close to you in bed? She WILL notice something other then your penis being hard. lol Butt I do have several who are in this exact situation and do it successfully. But this is also telling in regards to what kind of relationship it is.

Female led relationship

My favorite kind! This is where she has the key, she determines when/if you get to orgasm. This is extreme teasing and chastity and I love it! This can lead to chastity and celibacy, but that is pretty hardcore. Butt as always, I would love to keep you locked up forever. Butt that’s just me.

If you have a partner open to being the female led, you are lucky. I would be happy to give her advice, if needed. you may also want to broach the subject first before unzipping your pants. If she was hoping for something else, you may scare her away. unless she’s like me. Then she would smile, laugh that devilish laugh and be the female lead.

chastity and relationships
chastity and relationships


Chastity Orgasms

orgasms and chastity
chastity orgasms

Hello my locked ones. This may seem like the unthinkable for a blog post, let alone a chastity program. But I do believe in rewarding those who work hard and have proven themselves. I know I often tease my long term chastity callers with the promise of being locked up forever. I believe that can happen, but they may also be allowed an orgasm along the way. Every situation and program is different, but I see nothing wrong with being in chastity and orgasms rewarded every once in a while.

Good for you!

This is meant as in “good for you”, as in a pat on the back. Butt also good for you, as far as an orgasm is good for the health of your cock. So that is why I strongly recommend milkings every so many months. That helps to ensure a healthy prostate.

So recently I had a chastity pet who has not had an orgasm since March. That doesn’t seem like a long time, but it was March of 2015!!!! That is impressive, isnt it?! Hell yes! Now this particular pet does not really respond well to milkings, so I thought it was about time to take matters into my own hands and give this deserving pet a well earned orgasm!

So even though I am a chastity Mistress, I still can enjoy allowing an orgasm! Especially when it’s been over a year, in nice long term denial because after all, chastity makes the heart grow fonder!

Good job, rogue! And well deserved! Very Impressive!

Now void!
Now void!

Now you’ll just have to wait another year to have that

screaming orgasm! It’s not exactly forever, but I can live with

you will be in chastity forever and granted an orgasm once a

year! Maybe more with good behavior? NAH

Long Term Chastity by Misstress Meredith



Hello my pets,  my locked cocks! Some of my wanna be’s  are curious about how long they can expect to be in Chastity. I myself like the answer “forever” but I know that we need to be more realistic. But I am a chastity Mistress, and Queen of long term chastity! I will design a program just for you, and in the beginning it will seem like baby steps. The reason being, before locking you in chastity for more than a few hours, you need to be accustomed to wearing a chastity device, there needs to be a breaking in period.

Break it in

I mean, you can’t expect to put on a device for the first time and discover a perfect comfortable fit. It takes a while to adjust, both physically and mentally. Wearing it a few hours each evening when home from work is a good way to become accustomed to wearing a chastity device. As your chastity Mistress I will temper the excitement of fantasy with the necessities of reality.

When you are starting out with male chastity it’s good to have a step up program. I think telling you that you’ll be locked for 6 months is just too much and overwhelming. It makes the goal seem impossible, therefore the possibility of quitting is great. But I believe it is good to talk about other locked cocks who are doing very well after months and months of denial. It proves long term chastity is not just a myth.

How long can you go?

I have callers who have made it a year without an orgasm! Some even longer! Now, this does not mean we don’t allow milkings because that, my locked ones, is a necessity for the long term health of long term orgasm denial. So, this Mistress guides your stroking and schedules periodic milkings. This allows you to feel confident that you can remain in your cage as long as possible.

Like, you know…FOREVER


Why does chastity excite me?

Why does chastity excite me
Why does chastity excite me

Recently a caller asked me “just what about chastity excites you?” and I answered without hesitation “The control”. The idea that I hold your desires in my hand, which I can lock or unlock with the key. The concept of withholding orgasms as a show of devotion to your chastity Mistress is the ultimate gift. Who would not relish that power? Of course that excites me!

Chivalry is Dead

As far as archaic thoughts of the knight riding off with key in hand as his fair maiden waits in the castle for his return. ~snap out of that!~ No, chastity now is much more modern, efficient and sexy. Especially when it’s the Mistress (replacing the fair maiden) locking up the main cock.


Stop looking at my picture and focus on what I am about to say. When you are in chastity, you are much more focused. The thought off stroking all the time has been redirected elsewhere, like pleasing your Mistress. you are no longer consumed with your cock since access is denied.

Pussy Pleasure

One of my very favorite reasons to be excited about chastity. Imagine you are all locked up and I send you right between my legs. BUT you are not allowed to get hard.

That’s right… this is not about you. It’s about me. It forces you to completely get lost in my pussy. I have your undivided attention. No thought about your hard cock, wanting to stroke it and cum. Nope. This is about your tongue caressing every fold, every soft petal and demonstrating just how well you know and love your chastity Mistress.

Now you know why chastity excites me. Are you ready for lock up?

stay in chastity (800) 356-6169
How long can you stay in chastity? (800)-356-6169

Does submission make you weak?

Does submission make you weak?
Does submission make you weak?

Have you wondered about this, my locked ones? I believe its just the opposite. I believe it takes a very strong person to be denied for any period of time. To show some restraint and discipline takes a strong person. Just because you may be a bit submissive in the bedroom,  doesn’t mean you cant be masculine, sexy, and strong outside of the bedroom and locked in everyday life. But what do you think: Does submission make you weak?

There is a difference between being sexually submissive and weak

What is funny is that I never really considered my locked ones as weak. Or even submissive. But yes, it is submissive, but I think it is the act alone that is submissive. To give up your orgasms is a powerful thing. Why do you do this? Oh, so many reasons! Too many to list here. But I believe it is personal and individual to each one of my callers. It also has to do with one important thing:


you trust me implicitly… I know this, and do not take it lightly. I will never take it for granted. It is an integral part of this equation. you are handing over a very intimate part of your self, your life, your sexuality. you have to trust me to take care of this endowment. Trust me to do what is best.

Do you need a release from work, from the stress and pressures of being in charge, being the decision maker? This is why some venture into submission and chastity. Other’s may be chronic masturbater, consumed with themselves so much that they need someone else to manage them and help focus on other things.

Submission is not weakness. Submission involves your trusting me at your most vulnerable time and place. Submission is honoring me with your mind, body and soul.