The Best In Metal Chastity


Compact And Clean

The Watchful Mistress is the fave among metal lovers lately, taking the spotlight in design for the most hygienic of all the devices. It has a durable open design for cleaning ease. It’s compact enough for the unfortunate little dick, yet accommodates a luckier larger cock with no problem comfort wise.

We Love Sexy Metal

Let’s face it, stainless steel is nice, and this device is perfect for the long distance keyholder. One problem is it does have the plastic lock discomfort annoyance. In this case, a Chonovault is a stylish vault to lock the key in.

Putting The Screws To You

Do you love pain with your chastity denial? Do you deserve it? Maybe you do. Boys who take it upon themselves to take their device off to ignore orgasm denial, often come crawling back to Mistress for punishment. This cage has spike punishment pins so you can’t pull out. Spike punishment pins should be ordered with your device just to keep you thinking if you really want to cheat.

I have had three happy boys in this device, and the top word is comfort. The smooth metal, the ease of cleaning, the ability to hide it under your clothes, has plenty of benefits.

Have What It Takes?

Call for an intense tease and denial session to see if you really have what it takes to experience chastity training.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Fascination

Chastity Devices

Chastity Mistress Meredith and chastity device expert 800-356-6169
Chastity Mistress Meredith and chastity device expert 800-356-6169

Hello my locked ones! For those of you interested in purchasing a chastity device, I want you to know that all devices are NOT created equal! I know it’s easy to get the plastic cb6000. But be prepared for a plastic shell that is really uncomfortable (yes, I am concerned about your comfort when you are locked up) and as far as I am concerned, unhygienic. you sweat a lot and its not as easy to keep clean.

My favorite chastity devices

include mature metal and then the polar opposite, birdlock. Mature metal is like Superman, man of steel. They are custom made just for you! you need to be very careful and specific when ordering. They are expensive (but worth it) and take 6 weeks. But they are worth the wait! Besides, we can really devope your program and you will be very ready by the time it arrives.

The birdlock is silicone and feels very natural. Sometimes you will forget you are wearing it! plus, they make them in a mini size for those who need that. you can also pick a pink one, or a glow in the dark one in case you need to find your locked cock at night. he he

Locks for chastity devices

I am your virtual keyholder, but for safety reasons, you will keep the key. But I do like this remote device that you can put your key in and I can program it when to open. Or we can simply use a combo lock and you can spin it for me as I watch and record it on cam. There are lots of locks for chastity devices and we will find just the right one.

So…what are you waiting for?

mature metal
mature metal