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Pass The Penis

To break up the monotony of the lonely trail of the chastity slave, I always create a program where you are taken out of the cage and passed around to several Mistresses, one after the other. Does that get your caged dick hard to the point of frustrating horniness? Yes? My intent! Just the other day my boy locked slave rob had a free window of time to play with some tease and orgasm denial with me and two other Mistresses. He came around to me last and I teased his cock and then locked him back up without an orgasm.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Long Lock Up Amusements

This works best if you are caged after 30 days and start to get itchy. Cockteasing assignments such a strip club lap dances, lingerie shopping, sex toy shopping in a store with hot fetish clad ladies working the counter, and regular calls with Mistress taking that cock out for some stroke fun.

An Altar To Us

Big flattery to a Mistress that may shorten your sentence would be to make an altar to her with candles and flowers. Images are grabbed from her blog posts, printed out, and put together on some board. Stroking to her altar when allowed for stroking edge upon edge. Lucky boy!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
My Chastity Blog

Chastity- long term chastity

long term chastity (800) 356-6169
Long term chastity? (800)-356-6169

That is a very good question, my locked cock pets! How long can you stay in chastity? you can stay in chastity FOREVER as far as I’m concerned. In fact, I would prefer that. I am all about long term chastity and have several locked cocks to prove it. But the health of your prostate is a top concern and needs to be emptied, or “milked” to keep it healthy. So if you have any doubts, you need to educate yourself and be aware of all that is involved.

What is milking?

This is when you have gone several months without an orgasm (well done, chastity pet!) but your balls are full of it. So, we enter with a tool, usually the anerous, and massage the prostate. This way you do not have to worry about remaining true in your chastity, because you won’t have an actual orgasm. It’s more like a milky discharge after some massaging. Hence the term “milking”. ¬†And you won’t have that orgasmic feeling, but you will feel a bit clearer and like it has taken the edge off, at least as much as can be for a chastity pet.

I like to do this about every 4-5 months, depending on the pet and his attitude. It is a necessary activity when you are in long term chastity. I have some pets who have been locked for years. Now, I am a chastity Mistress who allows pets out to stroke. But that is only with permission, and usually only while in session with me.

If you’re lucky…

you might even be granted the obligatory birthday or xmas orgasm. Please notice I said “might”. Just because those dates are on the calendar does not guarantee I will gift you like that! So I wouldn’t count on it, my pet. Especially when you are a chastity pet. After all , chastity training and orgasm denial go hand in hand.

Are you ready to lock your cock?

The Watchful Mistress Cage Review


This review is by “locked slave rob” on Mature Metal’s “Watchful Mistress”. Thank you lsr, this was beyond my expectations, and a gold star for you. It won’t get you out of chastity earlier, though ūüôā

“If you are new to chastity and don’t have a device yet, i would purchase an original cb 6000 or in that line. ¬†I wouldn’t get a knock off from Amazon or ebay. If i were to go back in time, it would have saved me a lot of money for sure. ¬†These models are nice because they are so versatile¬† because let’s face it, no two cocks are alike. I believe they come with 4 sets of rings, to go around both cock and balls. This is a major part of the “right” fit, the ring has to be snug but not suffocating. ¬†Then like 3 or 4 sizes of spacers, and then the cage or tube. ¬†By trying different combinations of these parts and wearing the device longer and longer over time, you should be able to narrow down the right size. ¬†Oh yes, lube is very important, keep your piston lubed. That’s another trail and error finding right lube, good old vaseline works well.
Like i said if i could go back in time i would of saved myself from buying 3 others devices, cause once you can establish a good fit with the cb6000 ¬†i would move to a metal device. ¬†However, i never did. ¬†I went and bought a Birdlock, a really cheap plastic black one and a metal one that hinges under the sack. ¬†Needless to say, i didn’t like any of those ones. ¬†Now i have heard people really like the Birdlock, but it never fit well with my sack, the spacer between my balls no way! ¬†All guys are different down there, and the Birdlock and my bon bons didn’t get along!
So in a perfect world i would have found a good fit, mostly the proper ring size, with the cb6000 and right from there go to the custom built metal cage from Mature Metal. ¬†Yes, the custom metals are expensive but after dicking around with other ones i could’ve saved money in the long run. But be very honest in measuring for your custom device, and take your time, i stress this. ¬†I know we subbies get all excited to lock ourselves up and rush things but try not too. ¬†Follow the instructions from the makers, you want a snug fit in the tube. ¬†My experience with Mature Metal was great, i emailed back and forth asking a lot of questions and getting answers, their devices are expensive but worth it. ¬†Customer service was excellent. ¬†I have the Watchful Mistress and wow, it is awesome, ¬†so comfortable. ¬†Its frigging scary, because i can wear this thing for a long time because it is so comfortable. But not without mistakes, measure correctly and try and live with the smallest gap, the space between the tube and the ring. With Mature Metal, i was able to return device and they would adjust ring size or gap size for just the price of shipping.
Chastity can be very fun if your not in discomfort and have someone special to help you keep on the path. ¬†Kinda like quiting smoking, you have to want to be in chastity as a kink, because let’s face it if ¬†there is a will there’s a way to break out of chastity and orgasm.”
locked slave rob 38 days and counting.

It’s About Chastity Training


News On Lori’s

Here I am again, The Queen of De-Nile…lol. I have some news about the Lori’s device and wanted to share. Sissy donna is one of my locked bois who has been in and out of chastity devices¬†and has dreamed about being locked in a Lori’s for a very long time. Last year she got a P.A. piercing and ordered her Lori’s. It takes at least six months to heal before the device can be attached.

Free Adjustments

Donna has sent back the cage three times so far for adjustment, and Lori allows as many times as needed. Now it is back for the fourth time, this time to adjust the P.A. area, which is not comfortable right now. So the point of this information is, this is a very good cage and worth the effort to have it sent back for maximum comfort. Once this is in place then we can roll! In the meantime, she is back in her generic metal cage with a bit of tease and denial in between. Orgasm is completely denied, and why not? She did last a year last tour, so no mercy.

Chastity Application Fakers

Today I received an application for chastity training. On the application, it was stated that the device owned was a device unbeknownst to me. I googled it and it was the name of some porn site, not a device. Just because it’s on Google doesn’t mean safe. So I informed the applicant and heard nothing back. Be careful. It’s a jungle in here.

I have just discovered a chastity device superstore on the internet though. You can google that and I can attest it is safe and kinky kinky!

Until we meet again,

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Hello Mistress Meredith!




Mistress Meredith wants to lock up your cock!

chastity Mistress
chastity Mistress

Yes, my chronic stroker boys, it’s true. Mistress Meredith wants to lock up your cock! Now why would I want to do a thing like that, you ask. As if you didn’t know! you are spending waaay to much playing with yourself, you naughty boy. It is a constant distraction and you have lost focus. It really is the best answer, and the only answer!

you will feel so much better when I lock up your cock, you’ll see. Trust me on this one. I have seen it a million times, being a chastity Mistress. A stroker boy decides he needs my help and once he submits and trusts my wisdom, he is a much happier pet!

Lock up the cock

Really, it is for the best. you will soon learn to enjoy the feeling of being caged, and after a time, it just won’t feel right without it. Think of this as your security blanket. We will find just the right chastity device for you and you will fit in just right. I am not a fan of the plastic cb’s, but steer you more towards the birdlock or better yet, the creme de la creme (since you can’t cream anymore) mature metal. Makes me wet just thinking about it!

mature metal
mature metal

So just admit it…you want me to lock up your cock! you know what I say is the truth, you have been afraid to admit it. But now you agree that chastity makes the heart grow fonder¬†and you need your chastity Mistress to lock you up. Good decision!

I am going to have fun with you! Soon you will be experiencing life as a chastity will have a whole new perspective on sex, stroking, orgasms and … locks! Oh, I can’t wait! I will design the best program for you and we will be in constant contact. Let’s do this!