Why would Mistress Meredith lock up your cock?

lock your cock
Ms. Meredith locks your cock

Hello my pets. That is a good question! Why would your Mistress Meredith lock up your cock? Well, because it’s one of my very favorite things to do with your cock. That, my pets, should be reason enough. But another very good reason is you are obsessed with that thing between your legs! It consumes you! So as your chastity Mistress, it is my duty to lock it away and deny access. It is for your own good.

So chastity is good for you?

Many of my pets locked in chastity are actually relieved to have this done. It takes it out of their sweaty little hands and suddenly they can have a life! They are clearer and much more focused. This is only natural, since now you have more time and energy to accomplish things in your everyday life that your constant stroking was getting in the way of!

Plus, you know you get after you have an orgasm? All ego, macho-alpha male kind of jerk? you know what I am talking about. It never fails after an orgasm: suddenly you are a different person! Arrogant and annoying, even to the point of testing me and my limits. But I set that straight real quick.

When you are denied orgasms…

you become much more eager to please, more docile and the submissive side of wanting to please me is pretty constant. Now that is just the way I like you!With your cock locked and a pleasing personality. Plus, you are more relaxed because you are focused and not scattered. Every waking minute is not spent on stroking thoughts or actions.

It’s a win win for all of us. I like it when that happens. Do you? Let’s find out!

My gift for you!
My gift for you!

Locked up in chastity, now what will Mistress Meredith do with you?

chastity Mistress
chastity Mistress

Well , my locked cocks, that’s a very good question! What would be your guess? If we have you locked up in a nice, tight fiting device, we have taken the necessary steps to get here. We have done a lock up program that got you ready and prepared for this. I know that it seems daunting, in spite of all the preparedness. But don’t lose faith, my chastity pet. you know we are here for you and it really was the best decision we made to lock that cock away. But the question still lingers: now that you are locked up in chastity , what will Mistress Meredith do with you?

Whatever I want

Oh, you saw that coming, didn’t you? Even tho’ you are not cuming. But that answer is a bit vague, I know. So lets go deeper. you have been a good submissive, good little obedient chastity wanna be and followed all the rules. We designed a perfect program for you and took care of those bad boy stroker boy habits you had gotten so comfortable with. I was really impressed with how well you fell into the chastity life.

Now you are cock locked and wondering what next? Well, we will still have sessions together. In fact, you will probably need me now, more then ever! I wont sugar coat this. It’s going to be hard…very HARD. When you see a hot girl go by and your mind starts to wander, you will have a quick reminder when you feel the pinch between your legs as that cock starts to grow.

Unleash the beast!

If you are dutiful, I will allow you out during our sessions to stroke. But no orgasms, after all this is chastity and chastity phone sex. I will monitor your strokes, your breathing and your excitement. Then back in the cage you go. you will adjust (uh hum) and pretty soon that chastity cage will be part of you and you will forget it there. We will have even more intense sessions of not getting out and servicing me, but that is a whole different blog.

I want your cock
I want your cock

In the meantime, stroker boys, Mistress Meredith wants your cock!

Orgasms for New Years? What your chastity Mistress says about that!

My gift for you!
My gift for you!

Did that happen, my locked ones? I think not! If anything, I may have given you a Xmas gift of coming, but that is not always a sure thing. It depends on the chastity pet and the long term chastity program or how well that pet is doing. So I did play Santa this year for some deserving pets. But giving out orgasms for New Years? I think not!

No orgasms for you!

After all, you are in a male chastity program, not a jack off club! If you got the gift of coming for Xmas, I know there is no way I would allowed another orgasm for New Years!  Nope. Not that soon after being allowed to have one for Xmas!

Nasty rumors

Must be some silly pet living in a fantasy. he he. But  in reality, my chastity pets know the real deal. It’s what they signed up for. A life of the ultimate denial. That penis is custom fit to a cage with a lock, just as it should be. A customized step up program is designed before actually locking you up full time in order to have you, your penis and your mental mind set accustomed to this new lifestyle.

It’s not just a game, but a commitment. This is not an easy one, either. Most likely you have been consumed with your cock and were nothing but a chronic masturbator. Or, perhaps your wife no longer wanted any thing to do with that, so you decided to make it concrete.

Whatever the reason…

I am more then happy to deny you and lock you up for male chastity and cock control!