Why Mistress Meredith loves chastity


Yes, what better way to have it then with a ┬áchastity device that prevents your stroking and orgasms! Some of you cannot be trusted to be left to your own devices, so I take care of that by putting you in one! This way I can control when and if for a whole plethora of things! Like stroking (that’s a big “if”) and coming (a huge “if”) and how long in-between! But what it really all boils down to is taking your cock out of your hands and putting it in to mine! This is why your Mistress loves chastity!

Chastity excites me!
Chastity excites me!

Off your shoulders!

The burden is gone, the stress has vanished. For the chronic masturbator, that is huge! (Even if your cock is not!) It no longer consumes you 24/7. I know you used to plan your day around stroking. Now I plan your day and you can earn some stroking rights. How? That depends on the chastity program we have customized for you. Some are allowed stroking privileges, other’s are not. Some are hard core chastity, some are wanna be’s. I love to train my stroker boys for chastity. They become so willing to serve, so happy to please their Mistress.

There is an old saying….

Control the cock, control the man. I have found that to be true. After an orgasm, a typical male becomes cocky and aloof. A few days and he is back to normal. But when a male’s cock is caged, he becomes submissive and pliable. Just the way he was meant to be!

A Chastity Christmas Gift from Mistress Meredith


Hello, my chastity pets! How are you, my locked ones? I know it’s that time of year when giving is the norm, and your Mistress Meredith is no exception to that rule. I am a giver and receiver. But some hard core chastity phone sex Mistresses may not allow a pet out, ever, but I always do for Christmas. What better gift? Now just because I let them out does not necessarily mean they will be granted an orgasm. So is that really such a great gift? ~wink~

The Ultimate Gift

It is an orgasm. Let’s face it, it is. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! But when you are a locked chastity pet in a chastity program, you are lucky to get unlocked at all, and almost never an orgasm! I usually do like to unlock for very special occasions, like once a year for xmas and birthday. I am nice like that. But in between times, we need to take good care of the prostate. So milkings are a must for those in long term lock down.

I Am No Grinch This Christmas

Nope. I won’t steal a special gift. I will definitely let you out for some stroking time. You will be allowed to touch it, fondle it and stroke. For some, if they have been especially nice, they will get the ultimate gift, a mind blowing orgasm! As your chastity Mistress, I love how well disciplined you have been. I believe it should rewarded! So no blue ball Christmas for you. Your welcum.